Privacy Policy

What Information Does This Website Collect?

  1. Information that you intentionally submit through forms, such as the contact page.
  2. Information collected by the server, which logs pages accessed and the associated IP address.
  3. Cookies used by WordPress plugins to track what pages visitors go to.
  4. Cookies used by Google Analytics to track what pages visitors go to. Google also requires that I provide a link to this page describing their privacy policies for Google Analytics.
  5. Cookies used by Facebook to track what pages visitors go to.

How is the information used?

Information from the contact form is a potential client communication that are treated confidentially, and absent further authorization from you, or some legal requirement (e.g., a subpoena) will not be disclosed to others. Please do not abuse this and submit any more information than is necessary to establish communications, though, such as a brief description of the type of help you need. I do not want information that needs to be confidential, and which might cause a conflict if, for example, you have a conflict with one of my existing clients.

Items 2-5 above are used to understand how people use this website, such as what blog posts are most popular and how people arrived at this website.


Image by Philippe Teuwen, cc-by-sa