I help businesses with their transactional needs.

Drafting and negotiating

I draft and negotiate many types of contracts and agreements that occur in business: services agreements, software licenses, leases, independent contractor agreements, employment agreements, sales agreements, and more. Whether the agreement is with a single person or a Fortune 500 company, I work with businesses to ensure they both understand the risks of the agreement, and are able to make appropriate tradeoffs that make both legal and business sense.

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Registration and counseling

For trademarks, I advise clients in choosing a business name, help clients learn more about what trademark rights they may have in an existing name, and do applications to the USPTO for registration of trademarks. For copyright, I help programmers, authors, and other creators learn about their rights in copyrightable works, and draft and negotiate licenses, both inbound and outbound. I also advise on trade secret and patent matters; however I am not a patent attorney and cannot help with obtaining patents.

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Corporate Matters, Employment Law

Outside general counsel: to help you get your entity started, and with the legal questions that come up in operating a business. I can help with questions about employees and other legal aspects of running a business. I do this for all types of businesses, from software to arts to brick and mortar retailers.

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